If there’s one lesson I keep re-learning, it’s that often things are far from how they appear.

Even if I want to define something by my own opinion based on what I see, at least 90% of the time it’s just wrong.

So much of what I think about people and situations is based on my senses. I think, if we’re honest— a big percentage chunk relies on our senses to choose what/who to avoid.

My favorite genre for tv is sitcoms. Often the storyline and jokes are based off of misunderstandings and a ridiculous lack of communications, mixed with too much gossip and verbal opinions.

Unfortunately, real life is also way too full of misunderstandings, lack of communication which we base our opinions off of.

Sometimes it feels like I’m walking through London fog on my narrow road. I can’t see clearly, I can’t know for sure, and my senses are off-kilter.

Thoughts, worries really, tend to swarm through my minduntil I remember to take them captive and give them to Jesus to sort through.

Jesus is the Lifter of my head.

Jesus is also the sifter of my head.

I need Him to help me see beyond the perception.

I need Him to clarify everything.

I need Him to put everything I process into His accurate perspective.

Let’s just face it— I’d be such a mess without Him.

If my life were a sitcom, I’d be the main character misunderstood, lol. In reality, I spend a lot of time and thought in trying to clear, and accurate— as honest as possible. because there have been quite a few times I’ve been misunderstood, even times where someone has purposely, as well as accidentally, told people things that aren’t true about me. I very much don’t like being misunderstood, because most of the time it then becomes impossible to clear up. Instead, now I just shake my head in disappointment and move on.

I think that has formed my perception on how interactions just are.

Even in my marriage, I have to really clarify things carefully.

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