**Disclaimer— I’m not here to correct , inform or instruct. I’m just talking. Offense is never my intention. I am only an “expert” in my own experiences. I don’t know anything about anyone else’s. I try to empathize and understand. I pray that God provides us all with His view.**

From bitter to sweet– this is not a blog for the faint-hearted or weak in spirit. The posts here dig into the meat of issues many don’t like to think about or discuss.

I am 482807_10151520664777456_1491728204_na woman of carefully chosen words. I believe what we say and write should have a purpose, and my intention is to try to meet the purpose, even exceed it, as often as possible. I believe God speaks through those who love Him and are called according to His purpose, and we should listen and read more of what Believers take the time to elaborate and convey. Otherwise we miss what God wants us to hear and pass on. The picture here was drawn by my husband and I decorated it with gems, which I chose because I equate the wisdom God gives through all of us as precious Godly gems. We are far richer than we recognize!


6 thoughts on “About”

  1. You are such a beautiful angel my sweet, sweet, Miss J. God has filled your heart, mind and spirit with heavenly goodness. Your writings are comforting and inspirational. They reflect an amazing mind.


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