My oldest son and the cat

My cat, Camouflage, hates my oldest boy. He actually came up with her name when we adopted her, because she is a Calico. It’s amazing how you think you know your child and how he will behave, and then you find out just how wrong you are…

To look at him and talk with him, he’s a sweet, intelligent, fairly considerate boy. He does not at all give off the appearance or suspicion of being one who would experiment with his creations, on the cat.

He created his own “grabber” (he calls it) with pliers, a blousing strap (for military pant legs), and  a long string so he can use it to pick things up from behind furniture or in holes. It’s actually pretty ingenious! Well, it was, until he tried to use it to pick up the cat by her ears. He is now grounded from the poor cat. It’s for his own safety as well as hers… she’s pretty good with those claws!

You think you know your child, but they are a completely different character when they think they aren’t being seen…

2 thoughts on “My oldest son and the cat”

  1. I was pretty sneaky as a kid when I thought no one was watching me. When I was 5 years old I stole an egg from the fridge and rode my bicycle over it, LOL

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