Packs On The Narrow Road

There is so much noise and bright lights, all around me. So many waving me over because they want my attention, my agreement, my subscription. Everything is “good”, “on point”, “trending” within the circles of information, trying to swallow me up and pull me down into some new rabbit trail, some “key” “cutting edge” direction […]

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Our Changing Worldview

1 Cor 13:11a “When I was a child, I used to speak like a child, think like a child, reason like a child; When I was a child, my whole entire view was about me. My immediate surroundings, how big everything seemed, my interactions with family members, wanting to be liked and approved-of by everyone […]

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The Verse Everyone Quotes

We hear and see this everywhere in America— “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life…” This is the cornerstone of the foundation of the Body of Christ. It’s no secret that there are a ridiculous amount of […]

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Strength Of Endurance

God made me to be strong. I’m not as physically strong as I once was, but emotionally He helps to keep me strong. He helps me exercise my emotional muscles through daily circumstances, and special circumstances that both test and increase that strength. God designed me to be able to carry a lot. When I […]

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More Than A Glimpse

To catch just a glimpse of what God is doing in the earth is an amazing privilege! He is busy, changing hearts and minds. He is actively working to bring about unity, undermining the enemies of humanity and of Himself, at every turn. He is constantly aware of every heart’s cry, every tear shed behind […]

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When I Was A Young Lass

I’m getting older. I can’t deny it. I can stop counting years when I celebrate my birthdays, but I can’t stop aging– as much as I’d like to freeze a few years at a time. And, to make things even trickier– my birthdays happen so much faster than they used to! My birthday was a […]

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The Ego and the Communicator

Have you ever been in situations where people glean off of your success, and get embarrassed by your failures? Have there been people who change their treatment of you based on your performance or appearance? Are there those in your life who have attached their ego to their expectation of you, and then communication becomes […]

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Foolhardy Judgement

How many times do we hear something and jump to a conclusive opinion without actually looking into things for ourselves? Examples I see everyday are critics of Christianity, political opponents, public school supporters against home educators, race criticizing race, Christian critics of anything secular… I’m sure you can think of many I haven’t listed here, […]

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Marriage 101: Arguing

My husband and I got into an argument earlier today, about politics. We agree on some points, and are polar opposites on others. It’s not the disagreeing that is the argument for me, though, because we could easily be having a discussion and disagree. It’s his reactions to me, the person behind what he disagrees […]

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I played with my youngest boy today. Without having my phone in the same room with me.  I tickled his feet, and tried to hit him with a small pillow, which he kept karate-kicking away.    He giggled. I laughed. Undistracted. It was just like when my 3 other kids were little and I didn’t […]

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My Healthwatch Update

 I have been taking this supplement twice a day along with a dose or two of Turmeric for 2-3 weeks now. I notice when I take it with coconut oil, it works better. I also take Vitamin D and Fish oil. Sometimes I add in garlic and ginger. What I have noticed is my […]

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387 hours!

Originally posted on Annalise Hope:
Hello my wonderful family and friends! I cannot believe it has been 16 days since the birth of our sweet little Annalise Hope! The girl who was only supposed to live for an hour… has now made it for about 387 hours! Talk about a fighter who wants to beat…


Originally posted on Jemtree's Heart Renewed:
This is my 3 year old’s toy tornado. This is my silicone funnel that I bought at the 100 Yen store. Perspective. Perspectives are like opinions: everyone has one. Like noses. My perspective comes from a different view of life than yours does. My experiences factor into it.…

How To Build A Mom

The first item needed is the promise of a child. This usually begins with a growing belly and cravings for strange foods that defy human logic. Like a cheese and mint jelly sandwich. Variations include the promise of a pet, adopting a child, and investing in the life of another. Next thing needed might be a […]

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The Truth About My Mom-In-Law

The strengths of my mother-in-law stand out so clearly for me. She has been a wonderful example of being strong, courageous and faithful.                     Sensitive Traditional Righteous Observant Noteworthy Gentle   Concise Outspoken Unrelenting Respectable Amazing Giving Encouraging Overjoyed Unique Smart   Fabulous Ardent Intuitive Thoughtful […]

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My Mom Is One Of A Kind

The things I learned from my mom are perseverance, strength, wisdom and loyalty.       My mom is: Practical Economically minded Resourceful Supportive Effective Valuable Excellent Rational Authentic Needed Courteous Encouraging   Strong-willed Tenacious Realistic Engaging Necessary Generous Thoughtful Humorous   Wise Intentional Selfless Daring Outgoing Magnanimous   Logical Original Yielded to God Ambitious […]

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Elements of Critique: Dialogue

Originally posted on SonWorshiper:
My teenage son is constantly getting into trouble with Mom. It’s because of his mouth. “The problem’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.” With dialogue the problem can be both. First, I need to know who’s talking. That means attribution tags are important to include as early into…

Before and After: A Matter of Perspective

            It’s been 2 months since my dad’s passing, wow, to the day. My timing isn’t planned, just lucky coincidence. This picture accurately represents something unexpected for me. My dad is smiling here. He was happy because my husband was able to visit him. When my dad was alive, it […]

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Remember Me?

          Lots of people make a fuss to get gifts for loved ones during the Christmas season. For some, it’s just about checking people off of a list. For others, it’s about spending as little money and/or time as possible. For others, it’s about really looking for that “perfect” gift for […]

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Individually One Flesh

            Mark 10:8 “and the two shall become one flesh; so they are no longer two, but one flesh.” (NASB) Marriage is the most unique relationship between humans. When a man and woman marry, it takes time to learn how to live together.  How to agree and disagree. Whether or […]

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United We Stand

God has sure been stirring up a lot of things in my heart and thoughts lately. One of the recurring issues I deal with is that I am still missing out on a father figure for my life. I understand that Scripture teaches us that God is our Heavenly Father, and He has never disappointed […]

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In All Things Charity

Originally posted on Wanton Disregard for Safety:
I am amazed when I consider how some Christians handle conflict. Some people seem content to throw the figurative grenade into the room, then pick up the pieces and see what’s left. No really, that’s pretty much a quote I was given as one person’s method of conflict…

Pound of Flesh… or Soda

Originally posted on SonWorshiper:
I chugged the last of my third can of Diet Mountain Dew (or Mtn Dew, as the label now reads), and I listened to the radio news on the way home from work. If it’s not sugary, I can have a billion ounces, right? “A court in New York struck down…