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Sleeping baby on my chest Wild toddler now at rest Curled up in a blanket nest Mom and Dad are richly blessed Sleeping toddler eyes have closed What he dreams of no one knows Soon I’ll join his peaceful rest Joy-filled heart, words can’t express Sleeping…

Memoir of this Mom

There are a handful of days that I try to make/take time to reflect over my life, to remember where I came from and remind myself of how truly blessed I am.  Mother’s Day is one that is significant for me. 20 years ago, I had just emerged out of an abusive first marriage. Emotionally […]

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Within Us

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One of the phrases I heard so often on worship teams and at churches was “We have to get into the presence of God.” The impression I got was that God’s presence was a difficult place to attain, a challenging state to achieve, where all the music goes…

Fading Words

Originally posted on Harnessing the Power of the Story:
Tonight ideas fill my head They dance around like fireflies Voices and the words they said Characters live out their lives As faith without some work is dead So words unwritten often fade And now it’s time to go to bed But there has been no…

Wounded Reality

There is a phrase in our society I have heard quite a bit. It’s “victim mentality.” I often hear, “Don’t be a victim.” “You’re not a victim.” There is a growing disdain for those victimized who don’t handle the aftermath the way society thinks they should: Jump back into life like it never happened. Forgive […]

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