In All Things Charity

Originally posted on Wanton Disregard for Safety:
I am amazed when I consider how some Christians handle conflict. Some people seem content to throw the figurative grenade into the room, then pick up the pieces and see what’s left. No really, that’s pretty much a quote I was given as one person’s method of conflict…


You know what it’s like to have something to say, but you just can’t be heard, right? Like at a rock concert , trying to talk over the music. Or when you have advice for someone whose shoes you have been in, but they just won’t stop and listen. I have had some medical issues […]

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Pound of Flesh… or Soda

Originally posted on SonWorshiper:
I chugged the last of my third can of Diet Mountain Dew (or Mtn Dew, as the label now reads), and I listened to the radio news on the way home from work. If it’s not sugary, I can have a billion ounces, right? “A court in New York struck down…

“Don’t Apologize”

I’ve spent most of my lifetime apologizing for who I was and who I am, for simply being here, maybe in someone’s way, or saying something that might have given the wrong impression or just didn’t get my point across. I’ve apologized and been completely introspective, believing something was wrong with me, because someone was […]

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