The Healing Experience

It really is just amazing to me how much of my life I have simply forgotten. I’m not holding on to those grudges against those who hurt me any longer, or even myself for some of the stupid things I’ve done. I’m not meditating on all the sour and painful details of those situations that could have destroyed me years ago. Sure, some of it has shaped how I react to some things now, but I am in reality a new creation through Christ Jesus. I have put away the old, and I am living in the new.

There are things I have shared with some over the years that kept the details fresh in my mind. I have found those details have faded. There is no longer pain, sadness, anxiety…all the negatives that accompany the nightmare memories. The memories are no longer nightmares.

It is because of this that no one could ever convince me that my God is not real or that He does not love me deeply. My life has been useless to many. Many, in God’s position, would have thrown me out, called me worthless and a waste of time. But not God. He lifted me up, He changed my life, and He gave my life purpose and meaning beyond anything this world could ever have to offer.

I am satisfied with my life, and I am healed. By His Grace, by His Kindness, by His Compassion and His Mercy. I can’t think of many people who have ever really taken the time to demonstrate these things to me, but God has never failed to. Never.

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