Who Cares, Anyway?

Many times our lives become extensions of others, and we the people get lost in the roles we are cast in.

Have you ever made yourself vulnerable to others by sharing things you are excited about having done in your life? Were you met with a positive reaction, or a negative one?

I shared some things about me last night, in a small group setting. I wasn’t met with many reactions, except 2 that I’m aware of. Some seemed surprised, but one person said, “Wow. Now my life feels boring.”

I was so excited for an opportunity to be able to actually talk about some things I have done in my life and hear things others have done. But what ended up happening was me feeling like others thought I was bragging or boasting in myself, which wasn’t my motivation at all.

I think I understand why I felt so excited last night to tell people about some of that: it’s because I just don’t get those kinds of opportunities.

People have always been important to me, but I’ve never found that special “key” where I become important to others, not really.

Anyway. Life has gone on, life will continue to go on, and I’ll embrace what is allotted to me, because life is pretty amazing when you stop and think about it.

Apart from Christ I am nothing. My past was a failure and a complete mess, my present is much better when my focus is on who I am because of Jesus, rather than who I sometimes wish people would see me as, my future is full of hope and Eternal promises and destiny.

I can do all things through Christ Jesus Who strengthens me.

5 thoughts on “Who Cares, Anyway?”

  1. “People have always been important to me, but I’ve never found that special “key” where I become important to others, not really.”

    That sounds so much like me! I’m sorry that people took what you said and got the wrong message from it. But you’re right – we aren’t much in and of ourselves. It’s through Christ that we have worth. Thanks for the reminder!


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