Remember Me?







Lots of people make a fuss to get gifts for loved ones during the Christmas season. For some, it’s just about checking people off of a list. For others, it’s about spending as little money and/or time as possible. For others, it’s about really looking for that “perfect” gift for each person.

My love language is giving and getting gifts, so I’m a “perfect gift” searcher. I fail if I don’t give something that has special thought and meaning behind it. Empty gifts just create clutter and are easily given away. One with thought and purpose involved also contains a portion of my heart and thoughts towards the recipient.

I am not one to just get “something, anything”.  That makes me sincerely uncomfortable.

This year I got some really nice gifts.

God gave us all the ultimate gift. He put so much thought and care into His gift to us. It’s the perfect way to be with Him eternally, if we will choose Him to be first in our lives. He gave all of His heart, all of His love, all of Himself to make a clear path for us all to join Him one day.

Our gift to God is allowing Him to be our help in everything and loving Him more than we love anyone or anything else. That’s what He wants.

Have we remembered God this Christmas season?

2 thoughts on “Remember Me?”

  1. Thanks for the reminder. It’s so easy to get carried away in all of the doing and rushing that we miss the point of the season.
    The gift of Christ is indeed a perfect gift, even for perfect gift searchers like you. He’s the most singularly amazing gift I’ve ever seen, for sure.
    Next to what God has done and given us in Christ, you are the most wonderfully perfect gift I have ever been given. Though we have our ups and downs, our joys and frustrations, I want to always remember and be grateful for all you are and do. You are beautiful.
    God says you (and me and all His people) are His precious treasure, His prized possession, His favorite gemstone (Jem stone?) set on display. And He took from His collection and placed us together as gifts for one another.
    Something definitely to remember as we head into the New Year.


    1. I didn’t even see this before! Thank you. Do you remember the poem I wrote for you when we were engaged, about you being God’s perfect gift to me? You still are.


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