How To Build A Mom

The first item needed is the promise of a child. This usually begins with a growing belly and cravings for strange foods that defy human logic. Like a cheese and mint jelly sandwich. Variations include the promise of a pet, adopting a child, and investing in the life of another.

Next thing needed might be a careful study of blueprints. A super close look can even detect the evidence of God’s design, which is often shaped by circumstances and experiences to develop the prototype. It’s from these elements the plans for a supportive, strong base foundation stem. However, sometimes the blueprints are bypassed, and intuition and avoidance of past experiences are engaged instead.

Next, a team of helpers for support, advice,  some amount of prayer, with at least one model to draw off of will be needed. The model can be well-known or local anonymity, past or present, real or wishful thought.

Finally, a child (or pet) is added. Then, watch all the plans come unraveled as life adventures begin to unfold. And, Voila! A mom has been built.


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