Un-rule-y Status Update


We are often in a rush to get somewhere or do something. Facebook has become so much of a part of our lives, it’s what we browse through to get caught up on just about everything– friends, family, world news, local news, political speculations, animal videos, cute baby pics… We have this quick, easy, soundbyted information summary at our fingertips, 24/7/365.

Do we take time to think about the people behind the statuses?

Here are 15 things on my mind I probably won’t say over a Facebook status:

1) My cover doesn’t look anything like me.

2) I binge-watched a whole season of Royal Pains the other day.

3) The last church I became a member of hurt and disappointed me.

4) I eat food I don’t even like because of the health benefits.

5) You hurt my feelings when you walk past me and pretend you don’t see me, but you don’t devastate me.

6) I’m blunt, but overflowing with compassion, and I have comfy shoulders to cry on.

7) I prioritize relationship. If there is miscommunication, I’m quick to try work it out, and make sure there isn’t unforgiveness or bitterness left to fester. If you don’t want to talk or work things out, I will move on– most likely without you.

8) When I feel afraid, I embrace it. When I feel pain, I embrace it. The only way to conquer is to face challenges. They won’t just go away. (Okay, except in the case of spiders. I might be a tree hugger, but never a spider hugger.)

9) My family is the ministry that God has given to me. They are important to me and to God.

10) I don’t play games. I am who I am, and I am me with everyone.

11) I have conquered things you would never guess. Alone but with God.

12) I’m generous with my time and attention, until I’m patronized, belittled, or shown what I say is of little importance.

13) I’m harder on myself than you will ever be towards me. That being said– I don’t have enough gentleness, kindness or genuine respectful concern from others. Respect is important to me.

14) Those who come along side and offer friendship on equal terms stay my friends– for life. Those who treat me like a victim, or don’t value the wisdom I have gained through hard circumstances–  won’t. I despise being treated like a victim.

15) I wish people could see past the opinions blinding their sight.

/end status update.

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