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How to determine a person’s worth is a complex, multi-faceted equation.

Scientifically, the measurement starts with defining human life as first breath to last breath. Yet, a simple cell is considered a form of life. The logical conclusion should be that a human cell involved in the amazing process of forming a human, is a portion of human life. I wish that were the case. The value held by the scientific community rests on their ability to poke, prod, evaluate, study and define by their own standards.

The media places the value of a person as: appearance, bank account balance, name, bloodline, fame, shock value and cultural popularity in order to get more attention to the content of their story lines.

Pro-Choice groups and advocates place value on women being able to have it all while not having to be responsible for the human life their choice helped to create within them. A small portion of those they advocate for haven’t gotten the choice,  having been forced or coerced instead, resulting in a human life being created. A smaller portion, barely existent because it’s so rare, support when a women’s life is at risk. Overall, the woman has value, the human life within the woman’s womb does not, to these advocates. With this group, the only choice is abortion.

Then there are some who place value only on skin color along with a specific political affiliation.


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There are groups that value nature and hold animosity towards anyone that doesn’t agree with them. These groups value animals, trees and specific areas as more important than humans.

Planned Parenthood places value on the gestation period of each baby. They place value on how much money each part of the dead baby will bring them. They place value on our tax money and our government’s support and promotion of them and their practices. They do not value the women who are devastated by abortion. They do not place value  women who choose to allow the pregnancy to continue fully. They do not place any value on women who choose to keep their baby or to give up for adoption. They offer no support for women of ALL choices. The only choice they support is abortion, because they can exploit that choice in multiple ways.

Pro-Life advocates place value on babies of all stages, shapes, sizes and skin color. They also value women, and a woman’s right to choose birth. Pro-Life advocates value all human life, as well as animals and nature.

There are people who place value on a person’s worth by weight and athletic ability. Some who think a person’s worth is determined by their career, what they drive, the brand of clothing they wear, name, prestige, who they are related to, what their beliefs are and what that person can do for them.

God values every person. He has given us all free choice, and He respects that we decide on our own, or we allow Him to help us decide. God values all life: animals, nature, cells, every life form that we don’t even know exists. He values all of His creation along with our creativity. He values us in relationship with Him.









My worth is not decided in someone’s opinions or bias. My value is recognized by relationship with people and with God. It’s not in my size, shape, appearance or my bank account.

My value is immeasurable and I am worth it.

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