Where Does The Body of Christ End?


We became members of a local church just before my husband received a new assignment. It’s not the first time that has happened to us, but this time we had begun thinking about possibly retiring to the area we were in. So, as is often the case with our family situation, we switched gears after just 2 years at that place, and began trying to prepare for a move to another country.  

It’s full of challenges, and this move was our worst ever. I am still so thankful that 4 ladies gave of themselves and helped me! I could not have done it without them!

 But, what I don’t get is why we are so easily forgotten whenever we have to move on.

We gave what we could of ourselves: our time, talents and money.

We poured out our hearts as we worshipped with many we found a connection with, beyond just our common beliefs.

Yet now it feels almost as if we no longer exist to many of the people we formed relationships with or just simply grew to respect. There have been limited efforts to stay in contact with us. Only a handful of people talk with us. This is a very large congregation!

Truth be told, my closest friends are Christians I met not within church walls or activities. Only a very few are ones I attended church meetings with or served the Lord with in some way.

That speaks volumes to me! It makes me sad and frustrated. Too many times people are content to put the burden of staying in touch on me.   

Am I not worth the effort?

The Body of Christ, is made up of many parts, even moving parts like those of us that have no choice but to move away. I believe fellowship should  represent the Eternal relationship we will always have with God and that common understanding of Eternity. 


Continued relationship.

I’ve hit a point where it’s nearly too difficult to give of myself over and over, to figure out where or how I can fit in to the new while nursing the wounds of being forgotten or pushed out of mind, or just really, really missing the old.

Often a congregation can be so introverted and focused on their programs and busyness they miss the point of being part of The Body of Christ.

Why must I make all of the effort to connect and maintain any friendships? The fight I’ve had in me for this, is dying down. Why? Because the effort is most often one-sided.

I have discovered I can meet with others online, I can minister to others online, and I can be ministered to by people like Joyce Meyers, online.

But online doesn’t meet every need. It’s just a way to extend fellowship and ministry.

The Body of Christ is in the wireless world, as well.

It doesn’t end just because a member moves away.

4 thoughts on “Where Does The Body of Christ End?”

  1. I think it’s part of human nature, whether in the Body or without. While I feel great affection for friends far and wide, if I’m not involved in their lives on a frequent basis, it’s easy to lose touch. I don’t think anyone’s happy about that, but we all prioritize effort for what’s close at hand, right in front of us, and maybe not always for what’s far away.
    I look forward to seeing what’s different if/when we finally settle at a place where we’ll be for a long time.

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  2. I hear you loud and clear… because we’ve been there, done that, walked away from people we “thought” we were deeply connected to. Being part of the moving members of Christ is definitely challenging. We have blood relatives that are much the same as those you mentioned within the church – introverted, introspective, unaware of things beyond their boundaries. Internet connections are certainly not ideal, but at least we have them, I try to let my feelings of rejection, abandonment, and loneliness “roll off my back” and stay above the depression hoovering all around me. I remind myself that God is with me know matter where I am or my situation (Psalm 139)… nevertheless, I miss having true friends who will stay connected to me no matter where we roam, no matter the miles between us. Love you guys. Prayers for 2016 to bring blessings to you beyond your wildest dreams.

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    1. Thank you!
      I try to let those same things roll off my back as well, but sometimes they dig in a little too deep. This has been on my heart and my mind to write about for quite some time. I’m sad that you’ve experienced this, too. Love you, and prayers sent up for you, too!!


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