Jemtree’s Heart Reflections of the Past Few Months

Deployments are not for the weak-minded, or the weak in spirit. Whether going, or staying behind while a loved one, particularly a spouse, goes: it’s a unique world in dealing with the ups and downs that come along with the ride.

I have been thinking about why this particular deployment time with my husband is away, feels so much more draining than most have in the past. Then it hit me: a few days after he left, Japan was hit by major earthquakes, a tsunami, a nuclear melt-down, tsunami warnings, aftershocks, death, destruction….. a super-typhoon is on it’s way at us now… In the States, there has been so much devastation from storms, people acting out in violent manners, the price of gas and groceries is soaring while the jobless rate seems to either be stagnant or increasing….

Then there is all that is going on in the world, coupled with, I’ll be honest: a President and administration I frankly just don’t trust to really act in mine, or my country’s best interest. Stress is higher than usual.

No, deployments are not for the weak. Raising our 4 children as a temporary single parent is enough without all the other stuff weighing down. I can do this, I’m not worried about me. But, I just had to get into words the incredibly overwhelming burden this particular deployment has been. Thank God He is helping us, He is by our side. I could not do any of this without Him, or the incredibly affirming and stable love of my husband.

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