Decisions, decisions.

Big Fat F: Flying Through Life with Faith

I’ve had my current job for just over two years.  Some things have gone on that have made me question whether I belong there, and so I put out a few feelers regarding other opportunities.  Lo and behold, one of them was offered to me.

opportunity 2

Great, right?  It’s a chance to do something new, a chance to get out of a work environment that has been rather problematic of late, a chance to get into a position with room for advancement, all sorts of good things.  I accepted the conditional offer and, in the past few weeks, I’ve been waiting on the results of all the checking and cross-checking that goes along with this particular job.

Except in the past few weeks, it has also been laid heavily on my heart how very beneficial it would be for me to have flexibility for my family.  My kids, while generally pretty …

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