The Price You Paid

As a bargain hunter, I am always looking for the best price, comparing, finding the best discounts, rarely just settling to pay more than I think something is worth.

So, just now as I hear a song phrase about the price Jesus paid, I am once again stunned by His sacrifice.

He did not get a bargain in what He paid for me.

I know my flaws, and I’m certain there are many flaws I’m not even aware of.

The things He seems to place value on in me, I see as having little or no value.

The things I see as having value in me, often have no eternal Kingdom value at all.

God’s Grace is a mystery. It is the only force that is truly life affirming.

Jesus paid with His life. God paid with the death of His only beloved Son.

When it comes right down to it, the only thing that matters is the value God has placed on me.

And as I think about it, it starts becoming clear. He purchased me because of the potential, the reshaping through His Precious blood.

It’s about magnifying Jesus. it’s about what God wants to use my life for.

So— it’s about me, without being about me.

Lately I find myself nearly tripped-up by what I imagine the opinions of others are of me.

This has been a solid brick in my path for many years, but I’m learning how to side-step it, to keep my fixed gaze on Jesus. I can’t redirect opinions, I can only keep walking in the direction God turns me to.

Ultimately, it’s just going to be me standing before God. Opinions will not influence God in how I’ve walked my narrow path, as I stand before Him to give account —whether it be of the closest family member, trusted spiritual leaders, or strangers.

For that reason, I’m shoring up my resolve. No longer will I fall for the tricks and traps of the enemy of my soul, to walk the wrong road, or have the wrong focus.

My son and I watched I Can Only Imagine today. I forget so easily the power of those lyrics…

“Standing in Your Glory, what will my heart feel? Will I dance for You, Jesus? Or in awe of You, be still” “Standing in Your Presence, to my knees will I fall? Will I sing ‘HALLELUJAH’? Will I be able to speak at all?”

I can only imagine.

Will I be able to rejoice with Him in how He has transformed my life, and worship Him with understanding that everything about my life has always been for His purpose—His calling —to meet the needs of others on His behalf?

My heart continues to be refined, and I continue to feel that fiery passion to serve portions of His Grace, His Mercy and His kindness, to others.

A big plate of Holy Spirit fruit.

I’ve noticed at times when I rely on my own strength and understanding, I can put rotten fruit on that plate instead.

Becoming more and more aware of that, all I can do is give it all to God, and trust He will work through me and show the world Jesus —in His own ways.

An Honest Perspective

The Blood of Jesus

Geoffrey Holt, Station of the Cross No. 12: “Jesus Dies Upon the Cross”, American, active c. 1935, c. 1936, watercolor, colored pencil, and graphite on paper, Index of American Design

Who can understand how the blood of Jesus can wipe away the sins of the world?

Only God.

The same God Who created time itself, created a way where He could come onto Earth, and prepare the only way to eternal Salvation for a fallen, disgraced, despicable humanity.

The only way.

Blood is not a pleasant thing to discuss or think about.

Many faint at the sight of it.

How many fainted at the sight of God’s Blood dripping down, spilling out of the body of God in human form?

No one talks about that.

I believe humanity has become desensitized to the Blood of Jesus.

We pray— “I plead the Blood of Jesus” almost casually, giving little time of thought to what that actually means.

At least— that has been me.

I plead the Blood of Jesus…

I plead the Blood of Jesus.

Pleading— to me that’s almost like begging, not casually “applying” it over our lives, our loved ones, our situations.

To me plead has a sound of near desperation— as we remind ourselves when attacked by the enemy of our soul, of our God— Jesus died to cover that sin, and that sin, and every sin of the world. And then we remind ourselves what Jesus did to rescue us— I plead: the Blood of Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior.

Only God can apply the Blood of Jesus.

We can allow Him to, we can accept that from Him.

I have fallen into that trap of praying pre-made prayers that sound “spiritual”.

We paint very liberally with such a precious gift, maybe giving a quick thought to what Jesus endured and became the Victor of.

We say He did that on our behalf. He did. Because only He was qualified.

Not because we are qualified to be given such an unselfish gift.

“Behold! I stand at the door and knock…”

He applies the Blood over the door posts of our soul.

We walk by faith— not by sight.

By faith, I believe the Blood of Jesus is already applied over my life.

I always need to be reminded of how humbling that is. But, I don’t need to apply it to myself in a ritual.

Jesus has done that.

It’s done. One drop is way more powerful than I could even grab hold of!

After all— it has already washed me white as snow.

So much of our focus becomes what we need to do as rituals.

But Jesus said to follow Him. I don’t recall ever seeing Him demonstrate any of the rituals we hold so strongly to today.

Is the power of God held within rituals? Or is it held within faith?

When we walk in the knowledge of what Jesus has already done— I believe then we walk in the strength and the power of His might.