One Anothering: When God Reaches Down

Have you ever been preoccupied with something, and have God grab your attention with His overwhelming kindness?

It’s happening for me, right now.

I often wish I could capture the full beauty of a sunset or a rainbow.

Right now I want so much to capture the fullness of how God is working in me.

Sunday we went to watch Jesus Revolution

Loved it!!

As we were looking for seats, someone called out my name in complete surprise: “Jami?? Is that you?? You guys are still here??”

I was so surprised when I realized it was our previous pastor’s wife (also a pastor).

I want to say it was a completely happy surprise— but there is complicated history there, I won’t get into now. I love them like I love my complicated family.

But, I was happy— reserved a bit— but happy to talk with her.

We grabbed seats behind them, just a few minutes before the National Anthem started, so not much time to get settled and catch up a little.

As we watched the movie, a few pieces jumped out as reminders when we were congregation members of their church.

God had His hand in us meeting there, for sure!

As the movie ended and we started out of the theater, I was prepared to just say our goodbyes and go our separate ways.

She wanted to talk more.

We all— my husband, her husband, she and I, and two of our boys stood outside catching up more for maybe another 20 minutes.

I finally had to go sit down, my knee wasn’t enjoying standing.

She walked with me to my car, and then she asked if she could pray for my knee.

In the back of my mind, I had so many conflicts of interest— “What if God doesn’t want to heal my knee?” We’re supposed to meet someone and he’s waiting on us…” “She really wants to pray for me??”

I agreed, and she started to pray. She prayed for my knee to be healed, for my legs and my hips.

I have experienced God’s healing many, many times, in various ways.

This time I didn’t feel an overwhelming sensation. But— my knee stopped hurting. The stiffness eased up.

And it’s continuing to not hurt and not feel stiff.

I believe God will and definitely can heal me if He wants to.

But in that moment of her praying for me, I felt more of a burden for the guy waiting on us than for God to heal me.

Sitting here now, God brought that back to mind, and with that He has spoken to my spirit, “Your needs are important to Me, too.”

“You are important to me.”

Suddenly, emotionally overwhelmed, my mind flashed back to the times where I needed something but my need wasn’t valued by someone else.

My “importance”, I have always believed, was in being patient, and available for others— whenever possible and led by God— to help other people.

I have always felt I needed to be self-sufficient, (and have been humbled greatly by that being so limited over the last few years).

I have believed others are much more important than I am— to everyone.

My health has been improving steadily because of severe, necessary diet changes.

God led me to make those changes. He has been involved in my healing this entire journey.

I just thought He had already provided me with His help and healing through that.

But He has even more for me.

More healing.

More of Him in my life.

Through someone things have become so compiicated with.

I am unworthy of so much kindness from Him.

I am so thankful for His attentiveness towards me in so many ways though-out my life.

Proverbs 17:22
Verse Concepts
A joyful heart is good medicine,
But a broken spirit dries up the bones”

He is giving me joy!!

As He heals my body through education and proper diet— He is also healing my broken spirit.

I’m certain sone will read this and think either I don’t know what that means, or that I am exaggerating— I assure you, neither is the case.

God has been so deeply at work within me, for 3 decades, healing the deepest of wounds from the darkest of days.

And yet— He still completely, emotionally overwhelms me by taking a few minutes to have someone pray for complete healing of something I have become settled in just living with.

My God Shall Supply ALL of my needs!

And here’s my encouragement for you—

If He will supply all of mine— He most certainly will supply all of yours!